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Everyone has a story. The key is telling it well.

That’s why authors in the self-help, self-improvement and self-growth genres turn to the “Author Alchemist,” also known as Lisbeth Tanz, for book coaching, editing and ghostwriting.

In this episode, Lis tells how she went from burnt out and near-suicidal to self-employed with a client in one week.

And solopreneurs looking to write a book – or have one ghostwritten for them – will gain valuable insights like:

  • How to share deeply emotional stories without overwhelming yourself or your reader
  • A “chunky” way to easily write entire books
  • Why authors may want to consider working with an agency
  • And how to turn traumatic life experiences into jet fuel for business success.

Whether you plan to write a book or not, don’t miss the segment on the importance of interviewing your clients. Valuable advice for every service-based business!

Writers and authors should grab these freebies from the Resources page of Lis’ website.

  • Demystifying Ghostwriting
  • Interview Questions to Find Your Perfect Ghostwriter – 35 Questions to Narrow Your Search
  • Self-Editing for Authors (good for all writers!)

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Watch for Lis’ podcast, The Author Confidential, coming soon!

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