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SSP008 Coaching Teens & Millenials with Jarrod Castillo

SSP008 Coaching Teens & Millenials with Jarrod Castillo

Age should never be a stumbling block for business success. Jarrod Castillo is living proof it doesn’t have to be and he’s helping others join him.

In this episode, Jarrod shares his powerful personal story how an aversion to traditional career paths, a series of challenging tragedies, and a desire to help others live their best lives propelled him straight from college into an in-demand life coach for teens and other young adults.

Now Jarrod helps those his age and younger get a leg up on life while serving as inspiration to aspiring solopreneurs and entrepreneurs of every age. In our interview you’ll hear:

  • Why you must “do your laundry” as a first step to hitting your goals
  • A peek into hitting the valley of life – then rising up again
  • How movement improves mood and the “flavor” of life
  • The importance of setting work boundaries to ensure non-work priorities are met
  • Finding the right level of novelty and challenge in goal setting
  • The competency-confidence loop and how to use it to get unstuck
  • How to achieve huge goals through chunking
  • And the brilliant yet no-brainer way to get the best results in the fastest way possible

Important Links & Mentions

Jarrod Castillo’s Website (Notice: New URL since recording)

Jarrod’s All-Links Page
(Find current links to all Jarrod’s social media accounts in one spot – multiple changes since original recording)

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