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SSP010 Old School Networking and Relationship Building with Robert Butwin

SSP010 Old School Networking and Relationship Building with Robert Butwin

Who better to learn how to network from than someone who has been inducted in the MLMIA Hall of Fame… a prestigious and rare award for those in network marketing. Meet Robert Butwin, network marketing Hall of Famer and one of the top income earners in multiple MLM firms.

Don’t worry. Even if you have zero interest in network marketing, this episode is all about making the most of networking relationships. And you’re going to hear some old-school advice that can truly make a difference in your solopreneur business, like…

  • The reality of “luck” and the importance of “team”
  • Using business “failures” as stepping stones to success
  • 2 components you need to guarantee success
  • The easiest way to position yourself as a trusted advisor
  • How to get started – even without a website!
  • The biggest mistake naive marketers make (don’t do this!)
  • Making the most of sales funnels – online and off
  • What to do first when you want something from someone else

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