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SSP006 Using Your Entrepreneurial Voice with Mike Klassen

SSP006 Using Your Entrepreneurial Voice with Mike Klassen

Using your voice for business? Take advantage of these narration tips from corporate voice over talent pro Mike Klassen. You’ll preserve your voice and sound better whether speaking on air or recording audiobooks and narrating infoproducts.

Mike also shares his journey from writer and graphic designer into voice over work, how he works with voice over clients, the types of voice over projects available, and much more including…

  • Tips for recording extended length books and infoproducts
  • How voiceover talent projects typically get paid
  • Getting clients for a brand new business
  • Working with agents for commercial voice over work
  • The importance of building your business on purpose, not task
  • True value of the solopreneurship lifestyle for your family life

Important Links & Mentions

Mike Klassen’s Voice Over Talent Website
Listen to Mike’s Demo Reel!

Mike Klassen on LinkedIn

Book: The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman (Amazon affiliate link)

Brian Tracy

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