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SSP011 Profitable Photography and Creative Coaching with Luci Dumas

SSP011 Profitable Photography and Creative Coaching with Luci Dumas

Luci Dumas is an award-winning, professional photographer with a highly successful commissioned art business. Which means, unlike the idea many have of starving artists, she makes a good living as a photographer. And as a coach, Luci teaches photographers and other creatives how to turn their artistic love into a sound business model.

In today’s call, Luci shares her journey from newbie photographer with her first 35mm camera to in-demand pro. But the lessons she’s learned along the way will be helpful for solopreneurs in all areas of business. Some of the great tips you’ll discover in this episode of Solopreneur Success include…

  • The importance of relationships, organizations and live events within your field
  • How to raise your prices, income and quality of clients – without fear
  • Where to find motivation and advice when starting and growing your business
  • Using an “identity map” for creating genuine brand your business
  • What you need to do to successfully charge way more than your competition
  • The multi-millionaire secret to the fastest growth possible

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Book: Rise of the Youpreneur
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Quote: “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

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