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SSP005 Building Credibility Through Color & Style with Danielle Fuhrman

SSP005 Building Credibility Through Color & Style with Danielle Fuhrman

Your personal color palette can either build instant credibility and trust or erect walls between you and your client in those crucial first impression seconds.

Today’s guest, Danielle Fuhrman, a certified color and style expert, explains in this episode how important the colors you wear and styles you select can be for your business image and personal happiness.

She has two great free offers for listeners today (links below). But first, listen to this episode to discover tips like:

  • How to leverage existing relationships to quickly “bootstrap” your business
  • Using networking groups to create speaking and business opportunities
  • Lighting tips for shooting video
  • Importance of color choice in the office – even if you don’t meet clients
  • When you should choose branding colors based on your personal color palette
  • How to easily correct a common style mistake (and look 10 years younger!)

Plus, don’t miss the surprising bonus tip to hide acne and skin blemishes.
(Share this one with your teenagers!)

Important Links & Mentions

FREE eBook: Is Color Sabotaging You or Supporting You?
Download it free from Danielle’s website: – or –

FREE Strategy Session with Danielle Fuhrman
Email Danielle at: info [at]
(Please read the short ebook first!)

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