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Marketing remains the lifeblood in every business. But many business owners forget – or never learn – the absolute #1 thing behind every successful marketing program revealed in today’s episode.

You’ll discover exactly what it is  and why it’s key to making sales and getting referrals.

Plus, you’ll also hear…

  • Why it’s ok to reinvent yourself
  • Why websites are important in the age of social media
  • The rewards & dangers of social media for businesses
  • The best platform for engagement
  • First steps for new business owners
  • Why you should push the bruise then bring the healing
  • Where to find your first clients

And an important mindset shift solopreneurs may need before they can reach the next level in their business

And a little bonus… Steve and Lori go on a mini-rant about two big gotchas to watch out for in local networking groups.

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3 Simple Marketing Shifts to Create Clarity and Momentum for Your Business

Book Recommendation
Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer

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