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Caleb Coombes

Public speaker, entrepreneur & coach

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, it isn’t surprising I learned at an early age how to turn what I love to do into a profit. My success has been featured in The Barefoot Writer, KBN Sports Beat, Sport Stars of Tomorrow.

As the founder of multiple businesses, while in High School, I started an international bi-monthly magazine for teenagers, called FYI Teen News. In the first 2 years, it grew to 5 paid staff and 9 monthly writers.

With over 6 years of experience in competitive public speaking, I currently hold 70+ awards.

At my first Media Summit event, I walked away with bookings on 33 different shows to discuss my goals and my desire to coach young people in starting and growing their own business.

2 Hour Entrepreneur Workshop

Dreams…goals…visions… we all have them. We come up with these great ideas that could boost our income, social media audience and ultimately impact our consumers. However, we do nothing about it and let them fade away. Maybe we became distracted with the busyness of life or we decided it was too hard to do without experience in that specific area. Big dreams and visions deserve a chance… so why give up on them? 

Starting your own business on the side is one of the most powerful ways to take control of your life and make extra money month after month. But taking this leap can be scary. That’s why I’m going to show in this webinar exactly how to get started in just 5 steps.

You can start your own business on the side with just a few hours a week and no experience—even if you have a full-time job. And best of all, you get to choose your hours, pick projects you find exciting, and meet interesting people. And getting started isn’t hard. You don’t need an LLC, a fancy storefront, or employees. You just need the right system.

On (Date of webinar), you can join me for a live webinar teaching you the five steps to starting a business. Each attendee will receive a handout and SPECIAL OFFER at the end of the webinar. If you take the information you learn from this webinar and take action, I KNOW you’ll see rewards.

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